Dorigo 5521

Test Services that Guarantee Performance

At Dorigo, we test the assemblies we build to your unique specifications. The testing process starts when our Process Engineers and qualified test professionals work closely with you to develop the specific test protocols your project requires.

In most cases, we supply the test equipment from our full array of laboratory equipment calibrated and traceable to national quality standards. If the test requirement involves a custom jig, you can either supply the unit, or have us build up the test platforms for you, based on your instructions. We can even work together with you to develop automated functional test jigs and fixtures.

The Agilent 3173 Series 3 In-Circuit Test (ICT) Solution

Dorigo deploys one of the most advanced In-Circuit Test (ICT) platforms available. The Agilent 3173 Series 3 is an industry-leading In-Circuit Test Solution with the flexibility to be used for not only ICT, but also functional test and device programming, reducing overall costs for test requirements.

Extensive Capabilities to Meet Your Needs

At Dorigo, we are ready to accept any test challenge including RF testing, GPS equipped mobile technology, wireless and wired computing technology, IR cameras and sensors, data acquisition devices and all types of diverse technology serving customers from around the world.

We are constantly working with our customers to improve test processes and improve product quality. We have extensive repair and RMA capability. We can troubleshoot, repair and RMA any product for quick turn and prototype testing for product validation. In addition, we can program any IC, test with functional testers, burn in, assemble and ship out the door to exacting standards with quick turnaround.

Our test technicians offer professional insight to improve test product and test process, customized to meet our customer demands.

At Dorigo, we are constantly looking for new ways to give our customers the reliability and quality they demand.