Dorigo 6113 

State-of-the-art BGA/X-Ray Technology

Not only can we rework the most demanding fine-pitch QFP parts and SMT headers, but we can quickly complete your rework project in 1-5 days, depending on your specific requirements.

If your project requires highly customized prototype construction or microBGA circuit assembly, Dorigo’s BGA/X-Ray facilities can handle virtually any placement or rework.

Our rework system can place or rework any Ball Grid Array (BGA) or leadless component, while our high-power X-ray machine is ideal for inspecting BGAs, leadless devices and microBGAs. We also offer BGA re-balling services.

X-ray inspection is the only reliable way to verify solder joint integrity or observe voiding on assemblies which contain BGA or leadless devices.

At Dorigo, we are constanly looking for new ways to give our customers the reliability and quality they demand.