Consigned or Kitted Assembly Service for Your Circuit Boards

Many Dorigo customers have existing inventory of electronic components or may want to maintain their relationships with their current component supplies. If you wish to supply us with a complete kit of parts and the bare PCBs necessary to assemble your circuit boards, we are able to provide assembly-only service, with the same level of workmanship, reliability and service that you’ve come to associate with Dorigo.

How Should Your Kits be Supplied?

We do have expectations as to how the components in your kit should be supplied, such as continuous strips of tape, proper packaging, clearly labelled parts etc. Our quotations will clearly explain those requirements, and our Business Development and Operations staff are readily available to discuss those requirements with you.

Prior to releasing your kit to our production floor, our Kit Audit department will carefully review each and every part in your kit to ensure that we have the correct quantity of components, and that the right components have been supplied to build your boards.

Quality and rigorous attention to detail is the hallmark of every aspect of the Dorigo process.

Short Form Quote and Build Guidelines

One of the best ways to streamline production and eliminate potential problems is to use our helpful Guidelines for Quote and Build. To obtain a copy, click here or please contact Business Development at 604-294-4600 x105 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..