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The Quality Assurance Standards You Demand

When it comes to building high-precision electronics, there is no margin for error.  At Dorigo, Quality Assurance is a comprehensive process that occurs at every stage - from quotation to shipment.

We achieve high quality standards for our customers by:

  • Implementing a quality management system that helps achieve industry leadership in technical capability and quality
  • Ensuring that quality is built into our products
  • Establishing a culture of continuous process improvement that strives to add value to our customers in everything we do

That includes adherence to ISO standards, as well as DFM reviews and feedback provided  to our customers by our project managers and production personnel.

All assemblies are visually inspected to ensure compliance to workmanship standards and specific customer requirements, either by our highly trained QC Inspectors, or through our advanced Mirtec Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machines.

And that's not all

Through an internal tracking system, our technicians are responsible for every assembly they build. That way, you get the superior craftsmanship you demand, and our highly experienced technicians have the satisfaction of being recognized for their superior workmanship and overall excellence.
Click here for a copy of our ISO certificate.

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