Glenlyon Exterior

Construction is well underway on Dorigo's new state-of-the-art, custom-built facility at Glenlyon Business Park - and we're getting excited!  We're pleased to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of the building, and to introduce you to a few of the experts who are bringing it to life.  First up?  Visionary architect Chris Bozyk.

Chris Bozyk is one of Vancouver’s most respected commercial architects, with a strong focus on integrating client needs with practical, elegant and environmentally sustainable design. His portfolio includes such projects as the Art Institute of Vancouver, Capilano Mall, the Best Buy headquarters…and Dorigo’s current building on Henning Drive!  Read on to learn a little more about Chris and about his work on the Dorigo facility at Glenlyon.

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Q:  Your working relationship with Dorigo stretches back some years. How did you come to be Dorigo’s architect?

A:  I actually first met Mark [Pillon, P. Eng., Dorigo’s founder and president] more than twenty years ago, through the contractor that ended up building Henning Drive. At that time, Dorigo was operating out of a small manufacturing facility – maybe 2500 square feet in total – in Lake City, Burnaby, but Mark had a bigger vision. This vision included an impressive new building that would raise the company’s profile and show the local electronics community that Dorigo was a player in the business. I helped him bring that vision to life on Henning Drive.

It’s really interesting to think back to that time, and to see how far both Mark and I have come. In the early days, we didn’t really think about how relationships can grow over the course of a career, but here we are now, twenty years later, working on a new building – and new vision—for Dorigo.

QYou designed Dorigo’s current facility on Henning Drive. What was involved in that process? What features did you build in that helped Dorigo attain its current level of success?

A:  The first step was to work with Mark to understand Dorigo’s processes. The building had to reflect that not only externally but also internally. What needed to be done functionally to ensure these processes would be successful?

Those same processes ended up dictating the shape of the building. We needed free-flowing lines, we did away with columns that could interfere with workflow, we worked with specific ceiling heights – these are the kind of quantitative considerations that were involved in designing the building. However, the main thing from an architectural standpoint was to design a striking building that visually communicated a sense of corporate stability. I had to reflect where I could see Dorigo going – the success and growth I saw in its future.

To this day, I am proud of the Henning building. Nowadays, you see that sort of front entry with sloped glass all the time, but back then it was pretty avant-garde. This very forward-thinking look was a key thing for the Dorigo building. Even now, I get a charge when I drive up to the building – it looks fresh, not dated, almost like a little beacon on Henning Drive.

QGive us an overview of the new building at Glenlyon Business Park. What were some of your inspirations, and what new design elements did you feel were right for Dorigo?

A:  The main thing driving the new building is the magnitude of Dorigo’s growth over the past 20 years. The company has taken off and become something quite special, so my challenge was to represent that growth in a physical form and develop a look that will resonate with the Dorigo of the future – a major company with a global reach. In that sense, the greatest inspiration behind the new Glenlyon building is Dorigo itself!

QWhat is special about the Glenlyon facility? What sets it apart – or above—other manufacturing facilities?

A:  This is an interesting question. I’ve designed a lot of the buildings at Glenlylon Business Park – Nokia, Ritchie Brothers, Ballard Power. All these companies selected this particular area because they were reaching for that next level of success.

At the same time, Dorigo is bringing something special to the business park as well. We wanted to design something quite significant, that will be unique within the business park. You’ll find that we’ve worked with some imagery that has a very high-tech feel that will make an impact even among the other impressive buildings in Glenlyon.

QWhat is the most exciting aspect of this project for you?

A:  Of course, the building itself is going to be something special. People tell me that when they drive past the site and see the huge concrete canopy standing out against the landscape, it’s exciting – and we’re still in the construction phase! However, the most exciting thing is probably being a part of the growth and success of the company. Watching a company come up is sort of like watching a child mature – it is a meaningful experience. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Mark and his team to design the perfect home for each stage of Dorigo’s evolution – and to have played a role in the company’s history.