Sohail Kamal of EP&T sat down with Dorigo's vice president of operations to talk about some of the exciting developments happening ahead of the move to our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.  Check out an excerpt below:

With a clear vision for 2020, Dorigo Systems Ltd. will be moving into a new state-of-the-art facility in Burnaby, B.C. next year.  The change of address is aimed at enhancing the electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider's production capabilities - ushering in a new way to support customers.

Building for tomorrow, Dorigo seeks to support the new wave of technological advancement brought about by coming 5G networks and the internet of things (IoT), as well as serving up a seamless customer experience.

This endeavor, of course, requires more than a new building.  To start, it requires something that most companies either retreat from or lack the foresight to recognize: the need for change, according to Alex Chassels, the newly appointed VP of operations at Dorigo.

Chassels joined Dorigo after leaving Alpha Technologies Ltd., a Burnaby-based OEM in the backup power space - after it was acquired by EnerSys.  He described his experience at Alpha Technologies as "phenomenal", but post-acquisition found himself yearning to work in a more entrepreneurial environment.

Chassels felt that Dorigo, with just under 100 employees, has that Goldielocks size: Not too big to make it cumbersome to initiate changes yet not too small to be unable to invest in the people and infrastructure to quickly revolutionize.

People, Process and Technology

As a result, Chassels has set his sights on shifting Dorigo through three key areas: people, process and technology.  This aligns with the existing vision for the facility put into place several years ago.

"Once complete, our new campus will rank among the most sophisticated manufacturing facilities in the Pacific Northwest," Chassels says.

For Dorigo, the firm's success has been strong and sustained, recently celebrating its 30th year of operations in 2018.  Founder and president Mark Pillon P.Eng. points out, however, that growth has had its own set of challenges:

"In particular, when existing systems reach their limitations.  Dorigo's leadership had to be realistic in assessing the situation and acknowledging a need for change," Pillon says.  "Without managing change, Dorigo ran the risk of compromising existing customer relationship as well as missing out on other promising business opportunities."

To illustrate why Dorigo has chosen change, it helps to look at the major pain point burdening the industry.  When Chassels was working on the OEM side his supply chain teams always faced the same difficulties working with contract manufacturers.

New Standard of Transparency

"We were constantly digging for information and no matter who the EMS was, tier 1, 2 or 3, we needed to go through layers of people to obtain, at best, unclear answers," says Chassels, adding that Dorigo will aim to usher in a new standard of transparency that all customers should expect.  "Dorigo wants to be a part of the value chain, not a vendor, but an integrated part of the customer's business."

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