Dorigo 6015


Dorigo Systems is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider and one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading contract manufacturers of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA), serving some of the most respected OEM’s in the industry.

Dorigo - A Strong and Stable Choice

We have realized sustained positive growth since 1988. No small achievement in a market that continues to push manufacturers to be cost-effective and cost-sensitive. We understand that when it comes to providing precision electronics manufacturing services, there is no tolerance for error.

Our long term financial stability, excellent reputation for high quality manufacturing and strong ties within the electronic component supply chain have all combined to position Dorigo as a strong and solid choice for our customers.

As a full turnkey solutions provider, we don’t just assemble boards. We have the expertise and resources to handle your entire production process from sourcing components and building boards to final assembly, configuration management, testing and shipping the finished products directly to your customers.

Discover the Dorigo Advantage – Stability, Loyalty and Longevity.